iPad in Business


iPad Use Cases


Apple is transforming how construction work is performed in a variety of businesses around the world. New industries trends like more complex projects, hiring and keeping good people are becoming more challenging and require new collaborative tools.

Sales Field

Field salespeople work directly with customers, usually at a customer's location or virtually, to match a customer's needs to the products or services they offer. Today, greater customer expectations bring about new obstacles to any salesperson.

Service Field

Field service is more than an industry, it's a line of business present in any organization whose responsibilities, services and assets extend beyond the walls of a traditional office space.

Financial Services

Today, the financial services industry is in the midst of a digital transformation expedited by the global pandemic. Many companies are looking to their IT departments to improve efficiency and spark innovation.

Warehousing and Logistics

Every organization manages some form of logistics, because every business, regardless of industry, age, scale or specialization, must, at some point, get its goods and services from point A to point B. That coordination of movements makes up the backbone of contemporary business logistics.


Apple's global manufacturing partnerships have innovated many manufacturing processes used across the industry. Today, Apple devices are even more crucial in transforming how all different types of products are manufactured as well.