Corporate Solutions


1- Device Management Solution - Jamf

Consisting of three core pillars, the Jamf platform offers complete Apple lifecycle management for every Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV in your
- Device and App management

- Identity and Access

- Security and Privacy


2-  Asset Management Platform – Axle AI

Axle AI is an end-to-end solution for media and enterprise clients, it provides a fully integrated workflow to help organizations facilitate their business productivity. 

Solution Components are as follows:
1- Axle AI , Smart Asset Management Solution with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Whether your media is stored on premise (NAS or direct attached drives), in the cloud, or a mix of both, axle ai automatically catalogs your media where you’ve already saved it. No change to your file names or folder structures, and no clunky “check in” processes required. Searching media never looked so easier.

2- Axle Edit , Cloud editing for any industry, Edit collaborative with your team worldwide. No matter what kind of video you produce, editing in the cloud makes it fast and easy. Whether your team is on-location or across the globe, they can review while you edit for instant feedback and approval. Files can be viewed from anywhere, shared securely and feedbacked. You can also get access to stock images and video.

3- Axle Connectr, Powerful no-code media automation for Mac, PC and Linux, Connectr is Fully customizable workflows allows all your software to talk to each other for the first time. Drag and drop to automate dozens of actions with ease, saving you time to focus on what you do best. Sophisticated design options let you know when operations fail (or succeed) with user notifications and alternate steps if things don’t work the first time. Branching workflows and logic give even more power.

4- Axle Catapult,Catapult delivers an easy to use, high-speed point-to-point data transfer application available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. Addressing the shortcomings of common network transfer protocols such as FTP, Catapult enables you to efficiently utilize any internet and VPN connection via its built-in TCP and UDP accelerated transfer protocol. Catapult allows you to significantly reduce file transfer times and manage data via a simple to use, secure and familiar user interface.



3- Data Life Cycle Management Solution – Archiware

- Protect data on all levels in ONE solution: Archive, Backup, Cloning/Replication
- Quick install + Easy to use
- Give access to all in the company to Backup + Archive
- Save time finding files with Archive as Single Source of truth
- Save money and storage by migrating file storage Archive
- Keep investment future proof and flexible: using disk, tape and cloud storage; OS and storage agnostic; many partners and integrations

- Minutes. Data Availability/Failover NO Restore necessary
- Hours Backup to Disk, Tape & Cloud Cyclic with Restore
- Days Long-term Archiving to Disk, Tape & Cloud


4- Hotel InRoom Digital Experience - Direct Streams

DirectStreams offers a complete range of interactive products for hotels, allowing simple operation for all types of screens (television, smartphone,

All of our products are fully customizable (interfaces and content) via our centralized Digital Hub platform, adaptable to the styles of the different hotels.

DirectStreams has a scalable platform that allows each hotel to easily build its ideal solution by choosing the functionalities it wishes to offer its customers (WiFi, Live TV, VOD, Streaming, BYOD, ...).

ChromeCast and AirPlay
With this feature, your hotel guests can watch Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, OCS, YouTube or other streaming apps from their smartphone

AirPlay is Apple’s most innovative and easy-to-use mirroring solution. If your hotel is not equipped with APPLE TV but has compatible Smart TVs, you will make your guests happy! Movies, videos, photos or presentations, on the TV screen, broadcast what you like.


5- Storage Solutions for Rich Media - Promise

Delivering single and multi-user access, editing, sharing, & distribution of 4K footage for Post Production and Broadcasting, House of Worship, Sports and Education environments.

Post Production & Broadcast – tuned in to your challenges

Higher resolution (4K, 5K, 6K, 8K) ingest and capture means storage capacity requirements will continue to grow and higher performance
technologies are needed. These larger file sizes mean rendering, compositing, coloring, and editing require significant bandwidth, and can increase workload productivity time spans - making it hard to meet deadlines.


6- Next Generation Learning

World's first fully integrated SaaS-based mixed learning platform, all you need for managing your school online.

The way you carry out your school operations matter! Switch to Next Learning Platform LMS, Digital Content, ERP, Assessments

- Consistent content accessibility

- Homework management and detailed reports

- Automated examination process

- All-in-one platform

- Communication and collaboration

Next Learning Platform facilitates a connected learning environment where all stakeholders – parents, teachers, students and school administration – can connect, communicate and collaborate with one another. Communication and collaboration.